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Mike and Sal Channel

Topical talk, current events and listener discretion advised for language.

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Vinyl Resting Place Channel

Willie B hosts the Vinyl Resting Place

Updated 8/2/15

Sounds of The 70s Channel

Join Dan Varroney weekly for a new instalment of Sounds of The 70s.  Hear it LIVE every Saturday 7am ET  Updated 08/02/15

Bounce Channel

Join Mike Singh with the Bounce featuring the hits you can dance to from the 90s, 00s and Today.

Listen LIVE every Saturday 9pm ET

Updated 08/02/15

Features Channel

Our specials, countdown specials, interviews, and a listing of our end of year charts over the years.

192K Listening Player

Classic Countdown Channel

Features a different week from a different year every week.  Hosted by Ron Kovacs.

New content Added 8/3/15

Across The Tracks Channel

Hosted by Ron Kovacs.  Different topics covered by songs in each program.  Updated 7/26/15

Channel 2 - Great Soul Performances Across The Tracks Channel Channel 1 - Classic Countdown Channel

Great Soul Performances Channel

Hosted by Bobby Jay.  The channel features both Great Soul Performances and GSP 2: The 80s. Channel features archives programs along with weekly new releases.  GSP Update 8/2/15

The Bounce with Mike Singh Channel 5 - Sounds of The 70s Channel 7 - RadioMax Specials

Artist Features This Week

Mon - 8/03 - Depeche Mode
Mon - 8/03 - Helen Reddy
Tue - 8/04 - Pam Tillis
Tue - 8/04 - Jennifer Lopez
Wed - 8/05 - Mick Jagger
Wed - 8/05 - REO Speedwagon
Thu - 8/06 - Thin Lizzy
Subject to change

Fri - Top 50 Hits of 1975

New On-Demand

Top 50 Hits of 1973
Top 50 Hits of 1974
New Classic Countdowns

Weekend Schedule Starting Aug 1, 2015

SATURDAY                     SUNDAY
07A - TBA
09A - Sounds of The 70s      07A - RadioMax Mix
12P - Classic Countdown      08A - Sunday w/Ron Kovacs
05P - Vinyl Resting Place    12P - Brit Rock/Rock Talk
07P - GSP w/ Bobby Jay       07P - GSP 2 w/ Bobby Jay
09P - Bounce w/ Mike Singh   09P - Vinyl Resting Place
11P - Chris Sammarco         11P - Chris Sammarco

Channel 4 - Vinyl Resting Place



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Sunday Morning

Sunday Channel

Sunday mornings join Ron Kovacs for lighter music and a tweak to our format featuring more AAA and Adult Contemporary music.  8am weekly.  Here are archived programs.

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